Customer Solutions

The Blood Connection – Two specific challenges were faced by the Piedmont, SC regional company.  First, their blood donor centers throughout SC required custodial services and special floor treatments to comply with both marmoleum material specs, as well as environmental standards.  Secondly, the company sought a more cost-effective and flexible strategy for managing the daily cleaning of their huge fleet of mobile donor units.  JGJ was able to formulate strategies for both requirements and provide premium service routinely, while partnering with the business to introduce cost savings and other continuous improvement initiatives.


County Day Care Center – The Lyman, SC provider was confronted with compliance issues.
They had a DHEC emergency inspection, and the floors were in severe condition, threatening
inspection failure. JGJ was able to come in and resolve the floor issue with restorative service
and maintenance, which helped them to pass inspection and allow the company to resume
operations in a short period of time.

Sears – Jonathan Waters, Manager of Sears Outlet Mall in Greenville, SC, was faced with a
challenge, directed down from his corporate colleagues. Budgets are extremely tight and we
must reduce cost. One of those targets was the monthly cost of facility maintenance services.
JGJ was able to assure Mr. Waters of a commitment to save money, without minimizing service.
The result: an immediate 25% monthly savings, enhanced services and corporate adherance to budget.


Other Clients:


Medical Facilities, Retail Stores, Schools, Churches, etc.